Transition To The Community Program

transition care

The ultimate goal for a patient admitted for short term rehabilitation is to safely return home at the highest
possible level of function. Preferred Therapy Solutions “Transitions to the Community Program” is designed
to accomplish just that: to get patients home safely.
At the core of the program is a comprehensive evaluation by the interdisciplinary team designed to develop
a customized treatment program to meet the patient’s needs and goals. Patients will receive a combination
of physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and skilled nursing services.
While therapy and nursing services are integral parts of a patient’s recovery, a safe return to home requires
more. In addition to the comprehensive interdisciplinary evaluations, our “Transitions to the Community
Program” includes:

• Patient educational modules including fall prevention,
home safety, medication management and self-
• Training in the necessary daily tasks that patients
may need to perform upon returning home, such as
dressing, taking their medications, and preparing a
light meal

• Remote or in-person home assessments
• Performing a transition to home practice day where
the patient completes all of the required daily tasks under
the supervision of the healthcare professionals
• Pre discharge collaboration with home-care services to
ensure a smooth transition home